New protection!

Having the appropriate degree of protection and security guarantees the success of your business going forward. which is why we feel that choosing the right protection method is essential. There are different options open to you in a sense that you could opt for designated security software, use an old fashioned dongle, or use a newest SenseLock key with secured code execution technology.

Of course, financial restrain can impact the method of protection that is chosen as well as the potential economic benefit. To accurately work out the benefit of changing the protection you are currently using, it is important to consider the piracy level and habituation level.

The piracy level can be measured in terms of the extent to which illegal copying is a threat and the percentage of software that is used illegally within a given economy. Russia, for instance, indexes this percentage at 83 per cent. The weaker the level of protection, the more exposed a piece of software is to illegal copying. If an older version of electronic keys is used then you can expect your level of protection from piracy to sit at around 50%, whereas a newer version with in-built encoding protection can protect you up to 100%.

Habituation level – the practice of buying a product when no crack for updated version of software is available – is another important consideration. The extent to which habituation becomes significant mostly depends on how closely the user depends on the software and its changes. We estimate this level to be at around 20 to 40%.

Evaluating the longer term possibility of changing current protection to SenseLock requires further analysis of dongle replacement policy.

There are different types of dongle replacement policy:

  • A free replacement;
  • A free update;
  • A software share that gradually updates.

To offer a free replacement is less practical and probably only suitable if piracy is a considerable threat.

A paid update can boost profits not only over time but in encouraging one-off gain from selling dongles. Generally speaking, users with registration are supportive of fighting illegal copying and will invest in an upgrade so as to protect themselves from any potential threat, especially if the software includes the newer version of dongle. One of the main advantages of changing the key though, is being able to use SenseLock without needing to install additional driver that is very convenient for end user.

In case software vendor decides to integrate SenseLock protection into the software with old generation dongle it is possible to use it the same way without secured code execute function and replace all old dongles with SenseLock with the major software update.

It is important to remember that using Senselock protection along when old key is also used doesn't give 100% protection level since old key remains the weakest link in the chain and Senselock isn't used fully, and gives just temporary advantage in spite of costs.