15 February 2019

SenseLock EL5 models

New products in the SenseLock electronic key family. Brief information about the new product EL5 is presented in the Products section.

3 March 2018

SenseLock EL FLASH

Introducing the new SenseLock EL model with FLASH drive. In the line of electronic keys SenseLock EL, a model with a built-in flash drive with a capacity of 8,16,32 and 64 gigabytes appeared.

23 December 2017


In the end of 2013 year, we are proud to offer new product, intended to protect electronic devices against piracy and reverse engineering. New dongle comes in SSOP-20 shell.More information can be found HERE.

20 December 2017

Senselock EL-RTCC

Software protection dongle with built-in real time clock and ability to execute custom developer code. Equipped with Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

15 February 2012

100,000 dongles have been sold!

More than 100,000 SenseLock dongles have been sold since 2007 in Russia. We deal with more than 1000 Russian software vendors and none of them have suffered from piracy since they have chosen SenseLock as a software security partner.

30 January 2012

SenseLock hardware keys

SenseLock EL dongles are available for the European market now. SenseLock is an ideal protection against piracy. SenseLock EL dongles allow secured code execution function which makes them highly resistible to cracking.