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Sooner or later practically all software vendors face piracy problems. There are a lot of external factors that are absolutely not dependent on the software company, but at the same time, these factors affect the level of unauthorized software copying. Basically, the only way to decrease the amount of unlicensed copying of products is solid protection. The responsibility for creating this protection mostly lies with ordinary developers who usually don't have enough knowledge and experience.

It is obvious that for creating a reliable protecting system it's necessary to obtain knowledge in such fields as cryptography, code protection theory, dongles set-up and their principals of work. It's impossible to master these pieces of knowledge in a couple of weeks, thus it might take months to create an independent solution concerning the product protection that would meet all the current standards. As a result, investments into this sort of development might be too big, but the outcome will still give no guarantees.

That is why our company provides a product for software protection from unauthorized copying and usage and takes into account the demands of our customers. If you want your protection system to be:

  • highly reliable from all types of cracking;
  • convenient for the end-user;
  • easily integrated into business companies;
  • allowing to design different distribution schemes;
  • profitable,

and if you want it to be released as soon as possible, then you should contact our specialists who will answer all of your questions and help you to create a realization plan of your protection system . You will not only be sure that the results of your work will not be stolen, but also you will get additional opportunities for marketing your product using the new licensing and marketing schemes.

Our solutions are based on SenseLock which is an absolutely new means of software protection. It dramatically differs from all the other products available on the market at the moment. Its main advantages include the technology of secure code execution inside the dongle which is created for each developer individually. As well as containing protection functionsб it can also contains partial algorithms of the program itself. Using this technology makes software cracking impossible.