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19.60 €

Technical characteristics

Highly secured smart card
64Kb of memory
Unique serial number (8 bytes)
Hardware accelerated RSA (up to 1024 bytes),3DES,SHA-1
Generator random digits (hardware based)
Internal timer
Operation in HID mode without drivers
ISO7816 interface to work with peripheral devices
Windows,MacOS,Linux supported
Supports USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0



Senselock EL-STD-SSOP- Software protection dongle in SSOP-20 shell, which is designed using most advanced technologies in that area. Its core designed by NXP company, using EAL5+ security standard, protected against of all possible types of attacks. The main difference between classic dongles and EL-STD-SSOP is ability to execute developer custom code inside of dongle itself.

Development of the algorithm is performed using a standard C language. Dongle memory allows you to write complex algorithms of about 10,000 strings. SenseLock dongle serves as an additional small computer, securely protected from examination or modification by an attacker. Dongle allows you to work with RSA cryptographic algorithms (up to 1024 bits), 3DES and SHA-1, which are performed using hardware acceleration. If necessary, the developer can add cryptographic algorithms such as MD5, AES, SHA-2, etc.

Developer also can set anti-brut force 24 bytes PIN-code to protect dongle against unauthorized access.

Ability to use a licensing and secure remote update systems, developed by our company specially for SenseLock dongles.

SenseLock EL-STD-SSOP chip has two input / output interfaces (USB and ISO7816) and does not require to install any of external components.